Welcome to Compton Little Theatre

Established in 1982

Welcome to Compton Little Theatre, based in Compton Village, Surrey.  We are a friendly, family based group with high standards in all aspects of our very professional productions.  We were established in 1982 by a group of enthusiastic actors, many of whom are still involved in some shape or form.

We aim for three productions a year, a musical or panto in January, a Summer play and a comedy dinner/drama in the Autumn.

We are always looking for new talent in any area; acting, directing, costumes, make-up, back stage crew, front of house. 

We are always looking for new talent in any area; acting, directing, costumes, make-up, back stage crew, front of house.  So take a look around and contact us

Current Production

CLT's Summer Production – My Three Angels by Sam & Bella Spewack

A three act comedy, with a Compton all star cast with a return of David Ford directing

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It is Christmas Eve in the tropical prison colony of Cayenne. Felix Dulay, a hopeless storekeeper, is fearfully awaiting the owner, Gaston. Providence has given the Dulays three guardian angels — three convicts! In no time they have cooked Christmas lunch — and Felix's books — sorted out the daughters complex love life and will loose their own executioner on Gaston for his cruel behaviour!

Performances are on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th June. We really hope you can come along and enjoy this very funny production. It is a great night out!!

Tickets are available from tickets@comptonlittletheatre.org.uk or online at www.ticketsource.co.uk/clt or by phone on 07964 51510


October Dinner & Drama Comedy - Two Coarse Acting Plays

Takes place in early October and will consist of two short "plays what go wrong” .

A Fish in her Kettle is a spoof on a French farce : think spotted underpants , men hiding in cupboards , a cast attempting to perform at break neck speed but not quite up to it, a few rivalries within the cast and a set that was not built quite right. 

In Present Slaughter the action moves to the French Riveria where two slick professional actors well up to the task of portraying cut glass characters straight from Noel Coward’s pen give a charity performance working with or rather against  a local am dram group . Everything is going simply swimmingly until they are engulfed by the consequences of an unfortunate accident on the set. 

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Both plays were written by Michael Green and come from the same stable as “Streuth" and "Alls Well that Ends as You Like it" which proved enormous fun to put on a  few years back . Each has a wide range of  male and female parts - small , medium and larger but none with too many lines. There are suave toffs, sophisticated ladies, waiters with grudges , badly cast maids, blind doctors, Glaswegian stage hands , a German Count and also some fun non speaking character parts. Depending on numbers auditioning and your appetite for rehearsals you might have parts in one or two of the plays.    

With set problems being central to the action on stage and a supper enhanced by the ambiance of 1930s France we will, as ever, be needing a crack stage crew and front of house team. 

Rehearsal schedule is designed to avoid the summer holiday period with September the key commitment time. Some key dates for your diary  : Performances : October 4-6 ; Auditions Friday 22 and 23 June (Friday evening and Saturday afternoon) ;  Blocking rehearsals : 29 June to 22 July ; Holidays/No rehearsals.lie learning  :  25 July to 28 August ; Main rehearsals : 29 August to 3 October

The production is being co-directed by CLT veterans Gordon Ashford and Clive Grant . if you are thinking of being involved in any capacity on or offstage or would like advance copies of the script or details of auditions email Clive at clivewgrant@me.com or Gordon at gordonayshford@yahoo.co.uk 

Please tell any friends in other acting groups who you think might be keen to participate . The committee is keen that we go on attracting new people to CLT !